Organize an Event / Fundraiser

Are you looking to hold an Event or Fundraiser?  Let us help you build a successful one!

We can organize the event for you.  We will take care of all aspects of building your vision into a successful event or Fundraiser.  See below what we can do to help make your Event or Fundraiser a success!

*Take care of all permits with the local jurisdications to hold the event.

*Course Layout if holding a running event.

*Secure the Venue on the specified date.

*Build social media platforms to push and promtote your Event or Fundraiser.

*Provide online registration or tickets to your Event or Fundraiser.

*Provide timing services for your event if a running event.

*Provide insurance for your Event or Fundraiser if necessary.

*Provide staff if necessary to provide police presence, emergency medical onsite, etc.

Please call Jeff at (239) 227-9582 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a custom quote for your Event or Fundraiser.  Let us do the legwork to help make your event a success!


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